The challenge.

Starting a church is easy; building a foundation that can support 500% growth is difficult. It takes a lot of attention and intention to create an atmosphere of trust and teamwork supported by healthy relationships. When I met Allen, the pace of change was stressing many in the congregation as well as the leadership. Adding staff quickly also created challenges for unity of vision and values.


The Process.

One of my first tasks was to facilitate a congregational meeting to explore a bold move to a large new campus in the center of the city. As that move gained traction, I joined staff meetings and leadership retreats to help craft strategies for transition while meeting individually with team members to manage personal health and departmental growth over about a year's time.


The Outcome.

DayStar Church just completed a complete renovation of yet another campus, while they make plans for building another. As the "branches" of influence grow, the "roots" of authentic spirituality are running strong and deep underneath.

DayStar Church

It was 2000 when Allen Holmes and his wife Tina moved to Greensboro to take leadership of a small, traditionally-minded church. Allen's vision was to move beyond historical constraints and build a thriving faith community that would present the gospel--and model the gospel--in an accessible way for this growing city. And boy have they!

Creativity and innovation marked the early years as DayStar took a "whatever it takes" approach to connect with youth and young families. In the years since, the church has hit its stride, averaging 2500 in attendance on two campuses with multiple services. But it's not just size I experience with Allen and his staff; it's spiritual depth.

Culture crafting has been a very intentional part of the DayStar journey--not just creating an intentional culture for the congregation, but for the staff. Spiritual practices and spiritual retreats have molded the expectations for what it means to be a Christ-follower in this community. I'm honored to call Allen and his team my friends.