The challenge.

Randy's church really hit its stride 1998 years ago and the church began to accelerate. But even churches struggle with the "people puzzle." With questions about the placement of senior staff and a vision to work a coaching culture into the leadership, we began our work together.


The Process.

I taught the staff coaching skills so that they could move from being tellers to being askers. This began a shift towards a more empowering and equipping mentality as leaders began to develop others and not just do the work. Periodic coaching with several of the senior staff led to strategic realignments. I also coached leaders in a church plant.


The Outcome.

Grace Church just completed a rebrand and relaunch in 2017 with increasing leadership from Associate Pastor Ryan Peterson. The vision has never been clearer; the community has never been healthier.

Grace Church

"Fill the City" is the motto of Grace Church in Southern Pines, NC, and it's happening.

This faith community was planted in 1988 by Randy and Sarah Thornton with a vision to affect every part of the life of the city. Since that time, they have grown to 1600 people with two campuses and a staff of 34. What's more, they really are impacting the larger community!

Places of influence within the Southern Pines area have been identified: workplaces, gyms, retail venues, neighborhoods. The places where people already live and work and eat and play: these are now opportunities for church members to love, serve, and reach in ways that are non-religious and natural. And it's working.

Grace is not just another churchy enclave where attendees escape their world; instead it's a place where people are equipped and inspired to impact their world for Jesus. I'm honored to call Randy and his team my friends.