The challenge.

When I met Vince several years ago, the company was thriving but he was experiencing a revolving door on his executive team. Over the course of a year, three of their five top people were let go, creating a turbulent vacuum in the process. Vince needed to rebuild his team and forge an enduring bond among them.


The Process.

I conducted interviews with executive team members as well as several key managers and provided EQ assessments for new candidates. The recruitment process was dramatically improved. Specific improvement plans were created for each manager using the results from the EQ Assessments. Where an employee was in the "wrong seat on the bus," I coached them into a new seat. I meet monthly with Vince to discuss new challenges, evaluate his leadership, and advise him on improving his coaching of the team.


The Outcome.

It's working. Three new members have been invited into the executive team, and positive relationships are being built. An executive team retreat is being planned to solidify their unity.

Pay Tel Communications

Vince Townsend started Pay Tel in 1986, focusing on the thriving market of payphones. Several years later they turned their attention specifically to serving the needs of inmates in confinement facilities across the Southeast. By offering state-of-the-art technology together with warm customer care, their work has multiplied across the nation.

But what makes Pay Tel unique is not its technology nor its service; it is its ceaseless effort to serve a powerless constituency fairly. Inmates have been preyed upon with egregious fee structures that free men and women would never tolerate. So Vince spends a considerable amount of his time and energy working with regulators at the state and federal levels to bring an ethical business model to his industry that will protect the interests of law enforcement and the consumers who pay for the service.

In addition, they are rolling out tablets for inmates that will not only allow them communication with their families but will also offer education, job and life skill training, and Bible studies seeking to reduce recidivism dramatically. I am honored to call Vince my friend.