The challenge.

When I met Janet Ward five years ago, her firm was thriving financially but not thriving internally. Her clients were getting premium care while fissures marked relationships among employees. She was determined to bring alignment.


The Process.

I started by conducting a personal interview with every employee, building a comprehensive perspective on what was healthy and unhealthy in the culture. I coached Janet Ward and her top people, facilitated team retreats, and introduced new assessments and team-building tools in periodic workshops.


The Outcome.

It worked. Janet Ward is firing on all cylinders, her departments are more cohesive, the culture has improved dramatically, and the firm is thriving on all sides.

Ward Black Law

Janet Ward Black started her own firm in 2006, which has now grown into one of the largest woman-owned law firms in the state. With eight attorneys overseeing personal injury, workers compensation, veterans disability, family law, and more, they have won virtually every award in their field. What's more, Janet Ward describes her company as a Christ-centered firm where the priority is upon serving "the least of these."

In addition to managing almost 40 employees and serving over 1000 clients over the past four years, Janet Ward is passionate about funding ministries around the globe as diverse as church planting, care for children, Bible translation, counseling centers, prison ministries, and a host of others.

Janet Ward champions a vision for Christian-owned businesses to tithe on gross receipts for the purpose of our larger mission in the world. I am honored to call her my friend.